Sock Bugs

Illustration source: ClipartFest

When I woke up this morning
there was itching in my socks.
I was fine the night before
when I was playing with my blocks.

Something happened while I slept,
someone has moved in!
Little bugs are living where
once nothing there had been.

At first I was quite angry,
I was positively cross!
They didn't even ask before
deciding they were boss.

But then I noticed something
that I hadn't quite before.
The bugs were lovely company;
I laughed ‘til I was sore!

They offered me some cookies,
they offered me some tea.
My sock bugs were so courteous,
as friendly as can be.

I love my new friends oh so much,
I wish they'd stay forever,
but now my socks just smell so bad,
they’ve moved into Mom's sweater!

About the Author

Nicole Steadman is a freelance writer and photographer. She is also a mother, long-distance runner, and aspiring children's book author. Before having kids, she had a previous career in production in children's publishing and has probably read a million kid's books. She lives in San Diego, California with her husband and son.


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